Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Internship

Hey Guys! Wow, I haven't blogged in quite some time. Now's as good a time as ever to start up again since it's summer! :) Speaking of which I have quite a busy summer. The children's minister at my church offered me the chance for a summer internship. I accepted and am already busy working. I am enjoying this opportunity and learning tons from it.

Tuesday I had the chance to go to a staff meeting. When you read that your reaction is probably the same as mine was: "Oh joy, a meeting...". Well, I was surprised in what I learned there. I learned more than what the meeting was on and what we discussed, I learned something bigger and more profound.

Our senior pastor Dr. Davis Chappell opened up with a devotion. He absolutely amazed me. Some ministers are one person in the pulpit and a COMPLETELY different person the rest of the week. Davis is NOTHING like this. He is consistant and is always the same. When I was watching I was simply amazed. Don't get me wrong, I expected and knew him to always be the same person, but seeing it like that is so incredible. It was inspiring to me and I want to be like that someday. I would like to go into the ministry, maybe not a senior pastor, but I want to be just as consistant as he is.

Also they have recently purchased a laptop which I am learning to use and making different booklet type things on it. This is giving me the chance to do 3 things I love:
1. Computer designing (fonts, page layouts, etc)
2. Write
3. Point others toward Christ
Most of the things in the booklet have already been at least roughly drawn out, but it's still neat to be able to have this chance. Although this has required lots of brains and energy, I have so far thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I can't wait to see what God has to teach me in the future!

I do have a life outside church though which so far I have not really addressed. I have to do summer reading for school. :/ Okay, I am excited about reading the books ("Screwtape Letters" and "Frankenstien"), but not so much about journaling and annotating them. Yuck. Oh well, I have to do it! Also, Friday the 19th was the 6th month celebration of my boyfriend and me dating. :) We weren't actually able to see each other, but we Tuesday we went to Red Lobster which we both enjoyed.
Well, it is almost midnight and I am SO TIRED. So goodnight!