Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty Veiled with Beauty

Anna Walls
A beautiful girl on the outside, a beautiful girl on the inside.
Because of this Beauty, I know that every second counts.
Pursue your dreams even when they’re against all odds.
Put your everything into the things you do.
Get excited about the little things.
Never, ever give up. Fight.
Know God is in control.
Work hard.

Anna Elizabeth Walls
November 29, 1993-November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We The People

I'm going to add to the choir of election talk. However, though I am conservative, I am going to try to keep my opinions out of this. I may fail, but I will try. Also, I am talking about average citizens here, not politicians.

So if you're tired of election talk, move along with your life. I understand!

If you are wondering what an opinionated person like me is going to write about without inserting my opinion... read on!

As with every 4 years, someone wins, someone loses. A little more than half the country cheers, and the other less than half pouts.

However, I wonder if a lot of people in this country, Democrat or Republican, actually want the same thing.  Maybe we're not SO different. Warning: I am about to make some generalizations here. If you don't fit in the category - don't take it personally.

Let's start with a big issue: abortion.

Of course, Republicans are typically pro-life, and Democrats typically pro-choice. Republicans scream at Democrats "You're baby killers!", and Democrats scream at Republicans "YOU don't try to control a woman's body!".  Pro-lifers want to save lives. I think, though, so do a lot of people pro-choice. If you HAD to pick between not getting pregnant and all and getting an abortion, I am sure most would say not get pregnant at all. Neither is going I WANT an abortion. Both want people to be able to have children and have them in family settings. Though we see it from two very different angles, don't we sort of want the same thing?

Another issue: healthcare.

Democrats want, for example, Obamacare. They want everyone to be able to get access to healthcare.
Republicans want everyone to be actively working, and be able to get Healthcare through their job.
BOTH want healthy people. Again, though we see things differently, are we so different?

Don't take this as me rationalizing on side or the other. I already said I'm conservative, so you can probably guess what I believe. What I am saying is WE THE PEOPLE are not all that different. WE THE PEOPLE are what make this country great. WE THE PEOPLE have a right to vote and speak our minds. As long as WE have that right and others, we are still living in the great, diverse, opinionated, and wonderful country of America.

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