Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you knew EXACTLY what you were supposed to do, but later that decision was put under major questioning? Welcome to my life right now.

For a very long time I was very interested in Berry College in Rome, GA. I had visited there and loved it. It is beautiful, has a strong education and music department, and I know people who are there now and other who will be there. It seems perfect. I have a fair amount of scholarship money which is a plus and I had decided I was going to Berry College. I had other options, yes, but they were inferior to Berry, of course. However, my number two school called me one day to tell me I have been accepted to LaGrange College. That's great, being accepted places is nice. Then, he said that they would like me to come compete for the Presidential Scholarship on February 12th which would provide me a full ride tuition, room and board. Woah there. Stop. A what? Competing for a full ride to college? Me? Have you called the wrong person?? Of course I didn't say that, but it was certainly going through my head. So I figured, well this is exciting and why not? Can't hurt. So we registered and today I went for an private college visit. I was able to meet with the admissions councilor and 2 math teachers who were fun. I left realizing that I really liked this school. I had visited earlier and did like it, but I had decided on Berry so I wasn't looking seriously. But now, all that is put into question. So now is my present state. Saturday I will be going to LaGrange to compete to be one of two selected from around 66 people to receive the Presidential Scholarship. I still don't know quite where I am going to college, but that is what's going on. However, I do plan to accept the Scholarship if it is offered to me.

As long as this is, it's actually the condensed version. If you could be praying for me to do my best at this competition I would really appreciate it. I have to go through two 20 minute interviews and write a paper. The paper is the scary part, but I think I can do it. Please pray for confidence. Thank you!