Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blog on blogging from a blogger

Why hello, blog! It's been awhile.

Blogs are funny things. They are open to anyone with access to the internet. People's beautifully written poetry, thoughts, and ideas can be recorded in their blog. Similarly, people's unorganized, grammatically flawed, and unedited thoughts and whatever else may end up on a blog. 

There are so many blogs.

I don't have a figure, but if you pick a phrase and then add "" to it, you are likely to come up with a blog. I just did twice and got a blog both times.

Some blogs are private. Some are just for fun. And some blogs get really big! Take the Pioneer Woman for example. It went from a food blog to a food network show.   

I'll be honest, I don't have a great takeaway from this post, but I have been scrolling through my News Feed on Facebook and seen blog after blog after blog being posted from a variety of blogs that somehow got big (like Pioneer Woman). Next time you're on Facebook, look at how many blogs you see. Are there trends in the topic?

I wonder if blogs are changing the way we learn news, what is hip and popular, and the things important to our generation and culture. What do you think?