Saturday, June 28, 2008

1 week

Today offically marks the 1 week anniversary of my surgery. We went to the Christian Bookstore today and got a new Bible. Then we went to McAlister's and i got a spud with sour cream, butter and lots of gravy. :D It was wonderful! Then we went home and I watched TV and did the laundry. But overall today has been pretty good. I guess that's it. :)



another bruise

me. duh. lol.

bruise. ew.
Don't do drugs. ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 7

For the most part, today has been good. We went and saw Wall*E with some friends and it was SO.CUTE! You should definately go see it. Even my mom liked it and she thought it would be dumb. I'm probably going to go see it again tomorrow with my dad. :) Before that we went to IHOP and that was good. I had Buttermilk waffles with chocolate chips and some eggs.

Oh! Story time. So, we went to the oral surgeon this morning and on our way back me and my mom decided we wanted breakfast. (Even though it was... 10:45, 11?) So we called my brother to tell him we were going to go to IHOP and to get dressed. He says, "But, but... I just poured the milk in my cereal." I told him that he could either stay home or get dressed and eat a second breakfast." Not surprisingly, being the 12 year old boy he is, he chose to go to IHOP with us. He ordered the Jr. Rooty Tooty. (2 meats, 1,2? pancake(s) with fruit and an egg) After he was done I had eaten 1/2 of my 3 pancakes and 1/2 of my eggs and I decide I'm done. I offered them to him and I'm pretty sure he ate the rest of them. That is: 1 1/2 pancakes. So that is my 3 breakfast story.

During dinner my mouth REALLY started to hurt. Pretty much my whole face hurt and it hurt so bad that the pain felt like it was coming out of my joints and spreading into my head. So actually, my entire head hurt. It's better now, but the numb part feels weird. It's like a tickling feeling and it's really annoying. I keep wanting to scratch it or slap it or something. haha.

No pictures today because we haven't taken one and I don't really feel like it. haha. Not much has changed except that my bruise has a twin now. Other then that pretty much nothing has changed. Except for that hour or so, today has been a fairly good day. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 6

I'm not doing as good today. This morning I got out of my bed at about 10:30 and went and stayed on the couch til like... 4. Then we played Monopoly and went and watched movies. I had to take some extra medicine today. Thank God for Narcotics!! Today a very nice man that works at PCA brought me flowers. Also, I can't remember if I said it before, but my orthodontist actually sent me flowers in this cute flower pot. Pictures of both are attached below. Well, I guess that's it!

this picture kind of looks like a mug shot

my beautiful, SINGLE bruise (the one on my arm is still there, too)

flowers from man from school

flowers from orthodontist

me and flowers from orthodontist

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 4

Today has been good. Still no bruising. I did take 1/2 a Lortab and have had slightly more pain then the last few, but I'm still doing pretty good. We had someone come visit today which was AWESOME. :) The company was amazing. Well, I guess that's it for now. It's been a pretty uneventful day. OH! But tomorrow I'm probably getting the rubber bands out! Yay! Here are the pics:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 3

I am feeling fine today. The swelling has moved to different locations and other than some joint (jaw) pain, I really feel pretty good. I feel like I've added 5 lbs to my face. It feels like it's being pulled down. Ew. haha. I got up at 8:30ish today and took ibuprofen which is always good. :) Then I watched the ORIGINAL Dr. DoLittle and then Finding Nemo with my brother. Next we played Guitar Hero for... 3 hours? I don't remember- a really long time.
Then we played "The Dog" UNO. Oh! Which has this extra card called "Fetch". It's a wild card that when someone puts it down they choose a card out of their hand that they don't want and put it face down next to the draw pile. Then they say "FETCH!" and the other players all go for the card. The players that don't get the card have to DRAW 2 cards. It was fun. Oh, and then they choose the color. It's fun. Then... I took a shower which is good. And now I am writing to you all. :)

At 8 tonight on AMC I'm gunna watch "The Princess Bride". Yea! (So Leslie, Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll just watch it on AMC. You can come over and watch it with me if you want! :)) ANYONE can feel free to come over. I am very bored. And hungry. :) Now here are the pics:

Day 3 pictures:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures - Day 2

Here I am:

Front profile

Side Profile

They used too big of a needle at first, so it bruised. It kinda looks like spilled easter egg dye on it. haha.

Me trying to smile


Well, I'm home now. I was in the hospital about 28 hours which was the MINIMUM i was to be there which is great. The surgery itself lasted a little under 2 hours when it's supposed to last over 2 hours. Great, huh? I was able to go to church for the Ground Breaking Service and I was also able to stay a little while afterwards to say farewell for now to our Minister of Evanglism. I went home and watched Legally Blonde and TV and then took a nap. I'm quite bored right now so if you are to feel free to call us and hang out at our house. I have a PS2 and Guitar Hero, but I only have 1 guitar so if you have a PS2 guitar feel free to bring it over!

I only have 4 rubber bands in my mouth right now, but they are getting kind of annoying. Fortunately, they are most likely coming out Wednesday. So I guess I can live until then. :) I have eaten a fairly good amount today. I've had some juice, soup, water and a chocolate milkshake all in small amounts. (Except for the water, I have to drink a lot of that.) The swelling in my bottom lip is decreasing and my cheeks are swelling, but that is to be expected. The good thing is that my lip has about... 70% of it's feeling which is EXTREMELY good news. Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks to everyone who is praying! The prayers have obviously made such a difference. For example: I should be a completely knocked out and swollen and not in the mood to eat anything, but I neither of those. My surgery has had the best case senerio and I can credit that number 1 to God and number 2 to all of your prayers. Thanks again.

Sorry if anything didn't make sense here, I am on narcotics! ;-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Thanks mommy. I'm also bored out of my stinkin' mind. So if you have my number, text me or something. If you want it then check my facebook or email me. :)

Room 448,, Northside

She is settled into her room with good pain meds, ice packs and other things you don't want to hear about :) The surgeon was very happy with the results and said it was a perfect surgery.

Thank you for your prayers for Leah.

She's out

This is Leah's mom.

The OR called and Leah is now out of surgery. It took less than 2 hours which is great. We will talk to the surgeon soon and let you know more once we know something.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Welcome #1: Yay! Someone else has joined the blogosphere! Welcome Libbyzeth. (Don't ask. She knows who she is. :)) I vote that you post and then I can comment. If you need help call me! My texts are running low. haha.

Welcome #2: I am soon going to be welcomed into the world of driving. Well, maybe not welcomed but I'm taking my permit test today and if I pass I'm there whether you like it or not. :) I have driven a little. I drove in some private property and did a few turns and I parked. I thought I did pretty good. Although it's hard not to do good when your going 10mph or less. I'm still gunna stick to parking lots for awhile, though. It's 10 and my mom still isn't up. I need to feed the dogs; I bet they're hungry.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New and Improved

Well, the party was SOOO much fun last night. And today....
we got our hair done! My mom got hers touched up and I got a hair makeover. :) Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I should be cleaning. I was cleaning, but then I got... distracted. haha. Well, I'm cleaning because I'm having a party tonight with some of my friends as a pre-surgery party. It should be fun. Oh! And we got GUITAR HEROOO AND DDR!!! Wahoo! It's so much fun. Me and my mom were up til 12ish playing them. haha. I think they're addicting.

This is my mom playing Guitar Hero
I'm sure there will be pics of me playing soon. haha. she looks so serious. :) <3

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Emotional Roller Coaster

Ughhh... Today has been crazy. It's been an emotional roller coaster which seems to be turning into a physical problem. People keep saying "You're too young to have these types of problems". Well apparently not. There has been to much happening to fast. I think I'm gunna go crazy. I can't even tell you if it's been a good day or a bad day. Ugh. Well, I'm meeting with someone who also had jaw surgery tomorrow. Hopefully that will help. Thank you to all those that are already praying. It means so much. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally Back

Well, we got back from Choir Tour today. I'm sooooooo tired. We had lots of fun, but we also had a lot of... things going on. We had 2 hospital visits. One had a "spider bite" which turned out to be a staph infection. The other one had a heat stroke or some thing with similar symptoms. She started forgetting stuff. Then, our choir director's mother died. THEN my grandfather fell and broke a few bones and has a black eye. So, that was interesting.
But later my friend who has staph, her mom, and my mom got stuck on Splash Mountain for about... 1/2 an hour. That was without a doubt the best time of the entire trip. We were in "12:05"(am) mode. Let me explain: You know the time of night where everything single little thing is funny? Well we call that 12:05 mode. We were DEFINATELY in 12:05 mode. I'm not even gunna say what we did. There was a lot. If any of them are reading this: AND WE DON'T HAVE OUR CELL PHONES!!! Your not supposed to get it, just don't ask. haha.
Overall, I personally enjoyed the trip. That was my week...

Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blue's Clue: SING!

Well, we had choir practice this morning. It went very well I think. The concert should be very good. It's at 7m tomorrow. Then CHOIR TOUR!! Please pray that everything goes well on tour. We're going to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. I'm excited. Choir's been fun this year.

Well, now we're watching Blue's Clues. My brother was flipping through channels and found it and was like, "Oh my gosh! It's Blue's Clues." He's 12. haha. They had a restraunt. Pretty exciting, huh? That was my not-so-eventful day!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Stripping my Loo

Today was more stripping. Loo doesn't want to be stripped, except where she was primed. That was a prime place to be stripping. She was releasing some over the shower because of the humidity, but other then that she doesn't like to release her paper. Any therapists out there that want to reason with her? Maybe it will help. She doesn't like me, but once she sees the new paint she will change her mind. I'm sure of it. After that we'll be tight, don't you worry, but for now I'll wait for her. She'll come around.

And now for miracles: Did you know they can happen when you shop? My mom was trying on clothes and I got kinda bored. So I decided to go try on some formal dress, JUST for fun. I found this pretty blue-green dress. Wait, no, me and my mom decided it was "Gulf Green". As in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyway, I loved the dress and I thought, "I bet this is sooo expensive, let's see." So I looked. Well, it started out as $150 and was cut down to $60 and then to $15!!!! Needless to say we bought the dress. It needs to be sewn back up in an area where there is a tiny bit of a rip, but other than that it's pretty much perfect. So in loving to TRY ON dresses, I saved my parental units a bunch of money on a prom dress which I probably won't even go to until my junior year. That was my miraculous shopping day.

Don't Honk at Old Ladies

Don't Honk at Old Ladies

That video is sooooooooo funny! seriously. You need to watch it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Horton hears my burning hatred for wallpaper

If only my hatred for wallpaper could become tangible. Then I could take it and BURN the wallpaper off!! Hm, but that might just damage the wall. hm.
Well, we saw "Horton Hears a Who" at the Dollar Theatre with some friends yesterday. It was so cute! Has anyone seen it? Am I the only one who likes Katie, the yellow, psycho puffball?
5 more minutes and back to wallpaper. :( No quiero. Gross.
Well, Daddy comes home today from Seattle. He's probably gunna be pretty tired. But GOOD NEWS! My brother doesn't come back home til... ugh. Friday? later. He doesn't come home til later. :) I mean... i miss my brother terribly. What will ever do without him?

Monday, June 2, 2008

I hate wallpaper

I really do. It must die. The wallpaper in my bathroom is sooooo STUCK!! It's really quite annoying. At first we thought the wall behind it wasn't primed, but it was, just not well. Ugh. I kept stabbing it because I got frustrated, but my mom told me to stop. haha. I wish we had just painted over it, but to late now! :/
Well, right now I'm watching "Little People Big World" on TLC. I love this show. I pretty much love TLC. It's basically the only channel I watch anymore. Almost everything else is fairly stupid. Well, I think I'm going to watch "Ghost" now. I've never seen it before, but I've heard it's good. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Ice Cream Personality

Your Ice Cream Personality:
You like to think of yourself as a fairly modest person. And it's true that you don't talk yourself up... but you're also pretty happy with who you are.

You have a wild reputation, but you're not as wild as you seem. You take risks, but only measured risks.

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You are a natural multitasker. You feel alive when you're doing more than one thing at a time.

You can be a big dramatic and over the top sometimes. You are bold in every way
The'>">The Ice Cream Personality Test


LAP (Lawrenceville Assistance Project) was amazing. For those of you who may not know: LAP sends different group of youth and adults to (generally) senior adults houses who need help around the house or in there yard. They apply and we accept and tell them which day we're coming. (I'm sure it's much more complex than that, but that's all I really know about. :) )
[Oh my goodness, I'm watching "AllStar Grill Fest" on the Food Network. It is currently featuring Giada and Paula and they are so FUNNY! Anywho...]
We had 4 clients. We did mostly yardwork. I got this blister on my thumb in the most INCONVENIENT place. I was raking and my thumb was hurting. So I looked and 2 layers of skin had peeled off and curled in on itself. I peeled it off, but it hurt really bad! Still does! That was the same day I got dehydrated. That was fun.... I went to sleep on a picnic table with my head down. Apparently I looked like a drunk in a bar. They built a fire behind me; I had NO idea. It was pretty exciting...
There was one lady who had lost her husband. When she saw all of us she was thrilled and overjoyed. She was so sweet. Her utter joy was amazing. We told her her yard would be the best. So, so sweet. Then there was another person who kept adding stuff. We were like: ughhhhhh. haha. We were mor ethan happy to help, but we really would have liked to know about everything in advance.
LAP was an awesome blessing. I think I was blessed more then our clients. I couldn't believe it. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. Seeing them helped me release some things that I was having trouble letting go. It was a moving experience.
BUT NOW! I have my BED! and I have my HOUSE! and I have a COMPUTER!! This is good news.