Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, I'm home now. I was in the hospital about 28 hours which was the MINIMUM i was to be there which is great. The surgery itself lasted a little under 2 hours when it's supposed to last over 2 hours. Great, huh? I was able to go to church for the Ground Breaking Service and I was also able to stay a little while afterwards to say farewell for now to our Minister of Evanglism. I went home and watched Legally Blonde and TV and then took a nap. I'm quite bored right now so if you are to feel free to call us and hang out at our house. I have a PS2 and Guitar Hero, but I only have 1 guitar so if you have a PS2 guitar feel free to bring it over!

I only have 4 rubber bands in my mouth right now, but they are getting kind of annoying. Fortunately, they are most likely coming out Wednesday. So I guess I can live until then. :) I have eaten a fairly good amount today. I've had some juice, soup, water and a chocolate milkshake all in small amounts. (Except for the water, I have to drink a lot of that.) The swelling in my bottom lip is decreasing and my cheeks are swelling, but that is to be expected. The good thing is that my lip has about... 70% of it's feeling which is EXTREMELY good news. Well, I think that's all for now. Thanks to everyone who is praying! The prayers have obviously made such a difference. For example: I should be a completely knocked out and swollen and not in the mood to eat anything, but I neither of those. My surgery has had the best case senerio and I can credit that number 1 to God and number 2 to all of your prayers. Thanks again.

Sorry if anything didn't make sense here, I am on narcotics! ;-)

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Libby said...

o man leah. i was afraid you might get into something one of these days. haha well yay i am SOOO glad you are doing so well. i love you and i'm praying!! i'm coming over soon so beware :]