Friday, June 6, 2008

Stripping my Loo

Today was more stripping. Loo doesn't want to be stripped, except where she was primed. That was a prime place to be stripping. She was releasing some over the shower because of the humidity, but other then that she doesn't like to release her paper. Any therapists out there that want to reason with her? Maybe it will help. She doesn't like me, but once she sees the new paint she will change her mind. I'm sure of it. After that we'll be tight, don't you worry, but for now I'll wait for her. She'll come around.

And now for miracles: Did you know they can happen when you shop? My mom was trying on clothes and I got kinda bored. So I decided to go try on some formal dress, JUST for fun. I found this pretty blue-green dress. Wait, no, me and my mom decided it was "Gulf Green". As in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyway, I loved the dress and I thought, "I bet this is sooo expensive, let's see." So I looked. Well, it started out as $150 and was cut down to $60 and then to $15!!!! Needless to say we bought the dress. It needs to be sewn back up in an area where there is a tiny bit of a rip, but other than that it's pretty much perfect. So in loving to TRY ON dresses, I saved my parental units a bunch of money on a prom dress which I probably won't even go to until my junior year. That was my miraculous shopping day.


Robin Lambright said...

God is Good all the time, even in bringing a bargin to your closet. I love it when great deasl fall into my lap.

Mezzo Forte said...

Loo. loo. Stripping the Loo. Loo. Loo. Stripping the loo.
Loo. Loo. Stripping the loo.
Stripping the loo my darling!

Is it done?