Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Emotional Roller Coaster

Ughhh... Today has been crazy. It's been an emotional roller coaster which seems to be turning into a physical problem. People keep saying "You're too young to have these types of problems". Well apparently not. There has been to much happening to fast. I think I'm gunna go crazy. I can't even tell you if it's been a good day or a bad day. Ugh. Well, I'm meeting with someone who also had jaw surgery tomorrow. Hopefully that will help. Thank you to all those that are already praying. It means so much. :)

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Robin Lambright said...

I so understand the ups and downs. The period before any surgery is very stressful. I have faced several surgeries myself and I remember the anxiety that the time of waiting brings into your thought processes.

Talking to folks who have been there is a good start, it helps to know as much as you feel comfortable knowing.

I can also share with you that it has been my experience that most of the people who work in these types of fields (surgical nurses, and all the support staff who will be taking care of you before and during your surgery) are doing it because they have a real call.

They will be a good support and can do a lot to help lessen your anxiety. I will be praying that God will provide the exact perfect support staff for every aspect of your surgery. I know that you will be wonderfully cared for before, during and after.

Your blog will be a wonderful outlet for you as well. It will be a great source of encouragement as other folks send you prayers and support.

I will be praying that over the next six days will be free of anxiety and that your time with friends and family will be wonderful ad you will get to eat all crunchy stuff you can get your hands on.