Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 6

I'm not doing as good today. This morning I got out of my bed at about 10:30 and went and stayed on the couch til like... 4. Then we played Monopoly and went and watched movies. I had to take some extra medicine today. Thank God for Narcotics!! Today a very nice man that works at PCA brought me flowers. Also, I can't remember if I said it before, but my orthodontist actually sent me flowers in this cute flower pot. Pictures of both are attached below. Well, I guess that's it!

this picture kind of looks like a mug shot

my beautiful, SINGLE bruise (the one on my arm is still there, too)

flowers from man from school

flowers from orthodontist

me and flowers from orthodontist


Robin Lambright said...

It is nice to get flowers, especially when you do not feel well. You look FABULIOUS DARLING! Your smiling photo looks much bigger and almost back to normal. Each day will be better than the day before, sometimes you will have off days, but that OK too. I hope you have a good day today!

Mezzo Forte said...

yep, I look
mahhh-velous. The swelling has gone down considerably. Don't deny yourself the will help even if you end up sleeping through the day! =0)

Libby said...

i agree with these people.
i wrote a blog for ya. haha.
you look so good!!
and the bruise looks kinda fun.
not all of us are lucky enough to have one of those on our faces. haha.
ily :]