Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally Back

Well, we got back from Choir Tour today. I'm sooooooo tired. We had lots of fun, but we also had a lot of... things going on. We had 2 hospital visits. One had a "spider bite" which turned out to be a staph infection. The other one had a heat stroke or some thing with similar symptoms. She started forgetting stuff. Then, our choir director's mother died. THEN my grandfather fell and broke a few bones and has a black eye. So, that was interesting.
But later my friend who has staph, her mom, and my mom got stuck on Splash Mountain for about... 1/2 an hour. That was without a doubt the best time of the entire trip. We were in "12:05"(am) mode. Let me explain: You know the time of night where everything single little thing is funny? Well we call that 12:05 mode. We were DEFINATELY in 12:05 mode. I'm not even gunna say what we did. There was a lot. If any of them are reading this: AND WE DON'T HAVE OUR CELL PHONES!!! Your not supposed to get it, just don't ask. haha.
Overall, I personally enjoyed the trip. That was my week...

Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th...

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Sarah said...

Those 30 minutes were most definitely the high light of my week.

It is a great memory :)