Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 7

For the most part, today has been good. We went and saw Wall*E with some friends and it was SO.CUTE! You should definately go see it. Even my mom liked it and she thought it would be dumb. I'm probably going to go see it again tomorrow with my dad. :) Before that we went to IHOP and that was good. I had Buttermilk waffles with chocolate chips and some eggs.

Oh! Story time. So, we went to the oral surgeon this morning and on our way back me and my mom decided we wanted breakfast. (Even though it was... 10:45, 11?) So we called my brother to tell him we were going to go to IHOP and to get dressed. He says, "But, but... I just poured the milk in my cereal." I told him that he could either stay home or get dressed and eat a second breakfast." Not surprisingly, being the 12 year old boy he is, he chose to go to IHOP with us. He ordered the Jr. Rooty Tooty. (2 meats, 1,2? pancake(s) with fruit and an egg) After he was done I had eaten 1/2 of my 3 pancakes and 1/2 of my eggs and I decide I'm done. I offered them to him and I'm pretty sure he ate the rest of them. That is: 1 1/2 pancakes. So that is my 3 breakfast story.

During dinner my mouth REALLY started to hurt. Pretty much my whole face hurt and it hurt so bad that the pain felt like it was coming out of my joints and spreading into my head. So actually, my entire head hurt. It's better now, but the numb part feels weird. It's like a tickling feeling and it's really annoying. I keep wanting to scratch it or slap it or something. haha.

No pictures today because we haven't taken one and I don't really feel like it. haha. Not much has changed except that my bruise has a twin now. Other then that pretty much nothing has changed. Except for that hour or so, today has been a fairly good day. :)

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Libby said...

hahahaha i love your brother so much. lol that is so something i would do. 3 bfasts is the way to go!! well i'm sorry you had pain. but i'm glad your day was good. wooo. haha this blog thing is pretty fun. but yes. i still say bruises are fun. maybe i'll draw one on my face so you wont be alone. ha..