Thursday, June 19, 2008


Welcome #1: Yay! Someone else has joined the blogosphere! Welcome Libbyzeth. (Don't ask. She knows who she is. :)) I vote that you post and then I can comment. If you need help call me! My texts are running low. haha.

Welcome #2: I am soon going to be welcomed into the world of driving. Well, maybe not welcomed but I'm taking my permit test today and if I pass I'm there whether you like it or not. :) I have driven a little. I drove in some private property and did a few turns and I parked. I thought I did pretty good. Although it's hard not to do good when your going 10mph or less. I'm still gunna stick to parking lots for awhile, though. It's 10 and my mom still isn't up. I need to feed the dogs; I bet they're hungry.


Libby said...

haha ok i wrote one. :]
good luck driving! woo. we should drive together. in different cars. haha.

Leah said...

eh. I failed the laws test by ONE!! i'm retaking it tomorrow.