Friday, August 8, 2008

At School

Hello All. I am at school right now. :) Libby Lou Marshall (hehe) is reading which is good because her summer reading is due Tuesday and she's not even half way done. haha.
Yesterday I helped with school supplies and saw a friend that I haven't seen all summer! She played oboe last year, but is switching to art. She's excited and I'm excited for her, but I'm going to miss her!!
I need to ask ya'll to pray for something. There is a family at my school who has a boy with cancer. I don't know all the details, but I know it was gone and now it is back. They have a blog for him which I will post later. (I'm not sure what it is right now.) His name is David and if you would be praying for him that would be wonderful.

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Robin Lambright said...

Will Do. When you get more detail let me know and I will pass it on to the prayer ministry.