Saturday, October 4, 2008

Between Summer and Now

Well considering I have barely updated since the beginning of the school year and now here is what's going on with me:
1)Classes 2)Sadie Hawkins Dance 3)Encounter 4)Talent Show

1) Classes (basically I'm telling you about my classes, if you don't care then skip it, cause it's kinda long. Go to #2)
World History- You may not know that I am not much of a History person, or at least not History out of a textbook. I'm fine with stories and fiction/nonfiction books that I can read (generally), but other than that it's not really for me. (I do understand the point of studying it, I just don't like too. haha) So, of course, this is the class I have 1st period. Joy. It hasn't been all that bad, though. It's a fairly big class so I do have friends.
Spanish II- I like spanish and really enjoyed it last year. It's much simpler than English. :) My teacher is new this year and seems to be doing good.
Hon. Chemistry- I used to not like science because I was TERRIBLE at it, but I have liked Chemistry a lot so far. Not only is our class small, but Chemistry actually makes sense, which is good. :)
Band- Band is band. We play. and talk. and goof around. and make fun of the director. and then play a little bit. haha
Hon. English- 3 words, DGP:Daily Grammer Practice. We've used this terrible technique of torture since 8th grade. I am TERRIBLE. I don't know grammer, but that's not all we do. The actual course that we're taking is American Liturature. It's... interesting. John Smith should have never written anything to spare everyone. If you've read him you know what I mean. haha. Overall, I really like this class. Our teachers son is in that class which provides a lot of entertainment. :)
Comparitive Religions- We began which an indepth study of Acts and are almost finished with it. After that, we'll move on to other religions to study and learn about.
Hon. Algebra II- Oh the joys of math class!! Our class is the greatest. Every Thurday, block day, we change the seating arrangement around. It's loads of fun. :) Our teacher is great too, she's not only a good teacher, but is also fun. our class has a wacky sense of humor, but for the most part knows when it's appropriate to... unleash. hehe.

2) Sadie Hawkins Dance (girls ask the guys...)
Dinner- We went to TGI Friday's with a group of 9.
Dance- 7:30-11. It was fun. :)
Afterwards- Mi amiga favorita came home with me.

3) Encounter (Spiritual School Retreat)
Topic- "Bones" It was about Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones. The speaker and the music were wonderful. It was great to see how people's lives were changed. :)

4) Talent Show
Me and my friend are doing an oboe-flute duet. :) It should be great. I'm so excited. yay!

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