Thursday, January 8, 2009


woo! it's been 2009 for 8 days now! I haven't posted on this thing since LAST YEAR! ........ yeah, that was bad.

Anywho, so I thought to myself at the beginning of Christmas, "Well gee, self, now that I have a break from school I can post more on my blog! Yes!" How many days did I post?
yup, just one. But hey at least I'm posting now. :) We've started our 2nd semester at school and its been great so far. My classes are good and I think its going to be a fun semester. This semester my Bible class is Apocalyptic Literature which is a study of books like Revelation, Daniel and Ezekiel. My favorite Bible teacher is teaching which makes it even better. This teacher can make the Bible come to life out of the pages. He is absolutely amazing.
He's also an Elvis impersonator... :) I'm going to post a video in a second.

Oh my gosh! We just got a package with HUGE BUBBLE WRAP! My and my brother popped them. That was so much fun! and noisy! haha

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