Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 1: Gabriel

Mary and the Mute


“Gabriel!” roared the Lord of heavens. I say roared, but that is only because of His greatness. The “roaring” is always accompanied by a gentle tone of kindness. I immediately dropped what I was doing and went straight to Him.

“Yes, my Lord?” I said as I bowed before his heavenly throne.

“It is time for me to go into the world. I will send My Son and he will be the Savior of the Lord. So now, I need you, my messenger.”

He has been talking about this even before Adam and Eve gave in to Lucifer. Somehow, He knew they would turn away from Him, just as so many of the angels did. Yet, He gave them the opportunity to choose to do right which of course didn’t happen. The rest is history. So now He decides to save the humans.  I used to try to object. They turned away from Him. Why should He save them? And above all why should he be tortured, endure pain and die a painful death for them? However, I have learned not to object.  His love is so immense that He even loves the part of creation who, as a whole, don’t love Him. So even though I don’t understand it, it is an honor for Him to ask me to help.

“Of course.  What message would you like me to carry and to whom shall I deliver it to?”

“My priest, Zechariah.  I have allowed the lots to be cast on him to enter my sanctuary in the holy of holies.  There he will perform the most blessed priestly duties.  You will meet him in there. You will tell him that I have heard the prayer he has prayed about a child. His wife Elizabeth will bear him a son and he will name him John.  He will be filled with joy because of his son and he is great in my eyes. John is to never have any sort of alcohol and will be filled with My Holy Spirit even before he is born.  He will bring the people of Israel back to me. In addition to that, he will go before My Son like Elijah to bring parents joy in their children.  He will bring the wicked to the wisdom of righteousness.  He will prepare the people to receive My Son.”
I haven’t seen Him talk about a human like this since the prophet Malachi which, in human terms, is nearly 400 years ago. This is clearly who he spoke to Malachi about. It’s almost word for word. He has a tendency to quote Himself, but it only reiterates the fact that He certainly has a plan. But I wonder who will bear Christ. Surely it will be someone like Zechariah and Elizabeth- a godly priest of the Lord Most High and his godly wife.

“Now, go. I will give you your next message while you are on earth.”

I immediately took off. There is no time to lose.  Lucifer is always making sure it is difficult for us messenger angels to get to earth. But as strong as he and the other fallen angels are, they are no match for the Lord of Hosts.  And since I am on His side, I will prevail.