Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Josh Wilson - I Refuse - SPIRIT 105.3 FM

This is song by Josh Wilson has fantastic lyrics. God has been teaching me lately that it is not about me and what I want to do, but about what he has in store for me. People have always told me being a Christian is not about doing, but about living in Christ and following him. Until recently that confused me. I thought "Well I can I do Christ's work without doing anything?". My Bible teacher said it clearly: By dwelling so close to God so consistently you will know exactly what he wants you to do. All we need to do is wait patiently for God's instruction and THEN act, not the other way around. It's good to know that all I need to do is spend time with God and his word and he will show me his will. This is probably one of the only easy parts of Christianity. Spending time with my Creator? What a blessing! I should look forward to those times I have with Him.

I've been wanting to post on this awhile, but I didn't really know what to say. I will do my best now. On Thanksgiving day my teacher Jonny Williamson passed away. He had been fighting a battle with colon cancer and finally won by getting the opportunity to be with Jesus forever. I did not know him very well, but it was so obvious that all he wanted was for God to be glorified- that's what he talked about all the time! Some people say, "Wow, thanksgiving day. That must be tough." Well, yeah, it was, but to a certain degree it's appropriate. He spent his life dedicated to God and spend the past year fighting this battle. We can now be thankful for his life and that he's in no more pain. Praise the Lord! We will miss him dearly and class isn't the same without him. He is an inspiration. I hope to someday have the faith he did.
Coach, I know I didn't know you very well, but thanks for you example. God has used you to being a change in me.
Thanks be to God.

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