Monday, January 13, 2014

Days 5 & 6

I am going to do a general synopsis of the past two days.

We have been to the Capitolino Museum and many beautiful museums, galleries, and churches. I will be honest & say I don't remember many of the names of the places, but they were all so beautiful.

In particular, today we went to one Church that took my breath away. The ceiling demonstrated Christ as a bright light with angels and people glowing in His light. Here is the amazing part: the artist went beyond just the main ceiling and spread it to the sides of the very top of the wall. Additionally, he painted on a very believable shadow from the light Jesus was casting. My description is awful but I hope you get the picture. It was wonderful.

Later, we went back to the Pantheon & got to see the beautiful sky in the big open dome. I continue to find it fascinating where the Catholic & old Roman god cultures have collided. So many temples like the Pantheon that were once dedicated to a roman god (or gods) are now churches for Jesus Christ.

As I was walking around these beautiful churches I realized something. These churches are beautiful & overwhelming. However, they will be like nothing compared to the glory we will find in heaven. What a wonderful thing to know.

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