Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not all love is equal

There is much debate in recent days about love. Is there such thing as true love? Does love really last? And most recently... is all love equal?

To answer the last question: No. All love is not equal. Let me stop here and say this is not about homosexuality. That said, this was inspired by pro-homosexual marriage art. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you know what it is and what is being said. Our homosexual brothers and sisters are saying, "We can love just like you do. All love is equal."

Like I said, I am not addressing that first claim. I do not have enough insight even into my best friend's life to know if she loves just like I love, so why would I make a judgement call about someone I do not know and how they love?

This is what I am disagreeing with: "All love is equal." Let me assure you, it is not.

See, I know that my parents love each other. They demonstrate it through many ways including kindness, communication, and commitment. I know many people deeply and romantically love another person. I think that's great. But such a love looks like hate compared to the love of just one other.

This love created you and me. This love gave us a way out and back into relationship when we cheated on him. This love has done this very thing a million times. And then, when his lover committed ultimate betrayal, he died for his lover anyway.

This love isn't full of mushy feelings and kisses and hugs. This love isn't a puppy love full of emotion. This love showed his lover how much he loves with his very life.

So, not all love is equal.

All human love, parental and romantic and friendship alike, pales in comparison to the love of this one.

So remember your true love, Jesus Christ, and know that he will love you more than any human could. He will love you when you turn around and betray him. He will love you enough to ask you to come back again and again and welcome you with open arms every time.