Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The "If God is Good..." discussion

I was on the internet tonight and found an interesting article about the goodness of God from an atheists perspective, "if" there was one that is. (in her mind)

Read this article FIRST before reading the rest of my blog.

I agree, that lady did a pretty bad job of wanting to convert her to Christianity. I get the motive, but that is an incredibly bad way to do it. It hurts me to see other Christians talk like that. Is it true? Yeah. Is it productive to use it as an argument for coming to Christ? No.

Now let's discuss what she said.

"Can you imagine if I told someone “You should really consider breastfeeding because if you don’t you will BURN IN HELL!!!” (<—-notice my tongue planted firmly in my cheek there.)"

Okay girl. Maybe I'm crazy, but breastfeeding verses other ways of feeding your child are a *little* different than God vs No God. Just a thought.

"I know that I’m a good person."

You either have the best confidence I've ever seen or the biggest head. I'm not sure which.

"Besides the fact that I have people sending me 3-5 email reminders each week telling me what a good person I am, I am a constant do-gooder.  Always have been.  Even when I was drinking and staying out all hours of the night having premarital sex with total strangers, I was still a good person."

Umm...ok. I don't get it. You say "just because I do these things doesn't mean I'm bad -- in fact I'm still good."
Going on a rabbit trail here, but so many of us think that way! "Yeah I mess up some times, but basically I'm good." Sorry, chica (or chico).  Even as Christians we try to earn our way into heaven. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.
"Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven--for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little." Luke 7:47
We have a much easier time understanding the weight of our sins AFTER we do something huge, but for those of us who haven't done anything "big", it's easier to say we're good people. And it's easier to point the finger at those who don't.  I could easier point the finger at this lady because she's spiritually sick. (It's not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick Mark 2:17) Yes, I'm poking holes in her argument, but I'm not hating on HER, just what she's saying.  No, she does not have the same values I do because (duh) she's not a Christian. I gotta love the sinner and not judge her.  I bet we'd get along just fine. Besides, I'm a sinner too. How dare I not love and respect her?

Ok now that I've chased that rabbit trail lets move on...

" I don’t cheat or steal because I believe the universe has an energy that, when disrupted, carries negativity back to that person.  Some call that Karma.  I sometimes think of it as Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart.  Call it what you will, but that’s about as spiritual as I get."

Again, call me crazy, but I think that takes more faith than believing in God. says energy is "the capacity for vigorous activity; available power".  So... the "available power" of the universe defines morality.  Last time I checked, energy doesn't reason. It's used and transferred. That doesn't even make sense.

"And to me, if there were a God, he wouldn’t be sending Good People like me to burn in hell for all of eternity just because I don’t believe in him."
Wow woman, ego!

"But I’m going to be honest with you, it’s stuff like this that makes me really scared of Religious Types.  Seriously.  I’m more terrified of a group of religious fanatics than I am a dark alley filled with gang-bangers in my old drug-infested neighborhood.  At least the gang-bangers don’t creep into my inbox telling me I’m going to burn in hell forever."

Warning to all Christians -- this is how we are perceived a lot of the time.  Don't fall into that category.  Stay close to God and speak HIS words. If it comes just from you, this could be the outcome.

Conclusion:  God is good. He made us, we screwed up, and he helped us out of the deep hole we've dug. If you're alive and breathing, you're a sinner. The reason He is so good is that he gave us 1 opportunity to get out of the eternal punishment for our sin! If that's not good, what is? We deserve hell, yet he gave us a way out.  Amazing. 

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