Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Gospel as Thick as Molasses

It's basic physics.

A liquid with low viscosity flows quickly, such as water.
The water quickly coats what it is on, and soon evaporates.

A liquid with high viscosity flows slowly, such as molasses.
The molasses slowly coats whatever it flows down. It's hard to remove. It's thick.
Such is the Gospel.

Religion, generally speaking, is man's search for God.  Man has been trying to reach God through good deeds, kindness, and other acts throughout history.

There is another story, though.

It is delicate, and yet thick.

God, in his infinite power and overwhelming glory, became His own creation. He did so in the most natural way for humans - as a baby. And yet in the most unnatural way - through a virgin.

God then demonstrated how to live a holy, pure life.  He was kind to those who would listen, even if they were considered the deepest of sinners.  Respectively, he was harsher to those who would not lend an ear.

Then, he was killed by those he loved. Painfully. Brutally.

Why would an almighty, all-powerful God do this? Why?


And so in love for his creation, he rose again and lives to this day guiding his creation to Him if they only listen and receive.


Recently, my boyfriend, Phill, and I have been doing a study of John.  One night during our devotional time I asked him why he was a Christian. He is knowledgeable of many other religions and so I wondered why he stuck with Christianity.  Given a little thought his answer was simple.

"There is a thickness to it.  When I think about Christ it's just... thick. Nothing else is."


And so my friends, in this week before Christmas I encourage you to be coated with the thickness of the gospel beginning with the miracle of the virgin birth. Allow it to stick to your heart and change you. Remember to thank God for what he's given you.

Merry Christmas.

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Greg Foster said...

Nicely put, and the molasses analogy is a very
interesting one!