Thursday, December 27, 2012


Have you ever felt a little lost with yourself? You look in the mirror and realize you aren't who you were yesterday. It's nothing bad. Simply interests and hobbies change during different phases of life.

I am dealing with changes such as these now.  Thinking on them, though, I realize they're not as much a change as a nurturing of dormant interests.

For example, I will be editor of the school paper next year. I am a math major. I am a science person. How did I end up here?  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  I have been writing on this blog, started a few books, and written some articles for different things in the past.  Due to other interests, though, my interest for writing was never nurtured.  Now, it has a place to grow and has thus grown.

There are many other interests such as this that have seemed to come out of nowhere, but in reality were just not cared for.

Unlike what I normally write, there is not much of a lesson to this I wish to share with you.  This is more of a personal reflection.  However, for me there is quite a lesson. I am learning  that it is okay to look back 5 years and realize that things have changed so much.  That is okay.  In fact it is good. It shows I am growing. I am learning.

I tend to be stubborn to change, so I pray God will continue to help me grow and mature as he takes me through life.

Happy New Year!

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