Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In 2013 I'm going to lose weight and save more!!

Yeah, right.
It's probably going to be like every other year where I'm gonna save weight and lose more.

I think that communicates my feelings towards new years resolutions.

However, at the beginning of this new year I have been thinking on the goals I have for myself everyday and taking this day of all to reflect on them and share some with you.  I repeat these are daily goals, not resolutions.

In 2013 and every day, I want to love those around me. I want God to continue to teach me his ways.  When I find love hurts, I want to remember that there is one who loved me so much it hurt and he bled and died.  I want to remember that when all else fails, He is always here.  He is always with me.  I want to praise Him for that and his undying love.

Happy New Years, my friends.

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