Friday, January 4, 2013

Gadgets and girlfriends

I love gadgets.

I got a nice little QWERTY keyboard phone, iPod touch, and some others.  Gadgets are fun and useful little things. However, how many times have you heard your parents say, or if you are a parent how many times have you said this, "No cell phones at the dinner table!".

I sure have. A lot. Like I said, I like my gadgets.

Today, though, I encountered for the first time just what these little things do to relationships.

I was out to lunch today enjoying a bottomless soup, salad, and bread stick meal when a young, high school couple sat at the booth next to me. That, however, was not the strange part of my observations.

They sat down, ordered their food, and pulled out their cell phones. Once the boy put down his and looked around, almost as if wondering if they would talk at all.  Soon after, though, he pulled his back out again.  Occasionally one would share a picture they found with the other, but that was the extent of their conversation.

When the main course arrived, the conversation picked up a bit, but only, it seemed, to fill space. And believe it or not, the conversation starter was the guy.  The girl did not seem very interested in talking to him.

How strange!  They seem to be on a date, but would much rather spend their time with the virtual world than with each other.

I don't get it at all. As much as I love my little gadgets, when I'm out with people I make an effort to keep the phone to a minimum, or at least multitask. (Though I'm sure my friends and family can provide you with instances where I have failed at that.)

So, be conscious of your phone usage. I'm not here to say that you should quit using them all together. No way.  Just remember, when you're spending time with someone you care about, whether boyfriend, family member, or just a friend, show them you care! Give them your attention.  It'll be better for both of you.   Who knows, you may even learn something.

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