Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog 2 England Odyssey 9/25/10

Today we hiked a 5 mile trail in the Lake area. On the way there and back it was beautiful to see all the mountains. I’ve never seen so many beautiful mountains.  They are everywhere. It’s actually kind of funny to see all the goats with blue and red spray paint on them.  It’s some form of keeping up with….something. But I’ve never seen a goat with a blue spot before. Haha.
                Right now we’re all trying to get the internet to work. (I’m typing this in a Word document) We’re all in a room with our laptops.  Apparently Safari is better at receiving an internet because the people with Mac’s are on the internet, but the rest of us with Firefox are stuck with nothing even though we did what we changed what we are supposed to.  We all miss our families apparently because we’re frantic to reach our world in the USA because I think we’ll be here until we get a connection.
                Every time someone gets lucky and gets internet, the rest of us yell at them because we don’t have it.  It’s quite entertaining.

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Sarah said...

YES!! Blog success! Whoo hoo!