Tuesday, September 28, 2010

England 5 9/28/10

School. School. School.
If anyone is worried that we're not going to get any schoolwork done on this trip, you can dismiss your worries. We are definately doing school. And a lot of it. I never valued the 5 minutes we have between classes until now.  Working a straight 4-5 hours on school work with no brake is quite stressful. Friends at home, value those 5 minutes. They're heavenly.
However we also had a morning devotion and went to a session on transforming friendships. It was a neat class. We're going to follow that the rest of the time that we're here.
Please pray that we not only keep up with our school work, but also that we don't stress too much.
This sounds a little strange, but also please pray that our internet starts miraculously working consistently.
Thank you people who are praying! It means so much!

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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Here's praying that everyone will find just the right balance between enjoying yourself and education!

Have fun!