Monday, September 27, 2010

England 4 9/27/10

Today was a much more chill day.
We went to two classes today.  One on transforming friendships and another on prayer this morning.  Then four of us and a chaperone went back to attend the next session on prayer. It was very neat.  The speaker was born in Papau, New Guinea and lived with her missionary parents for all her life so she lived many places. This has given her a very unique accent.
We also worked on school work between those morning and evening sessions. We got a lot done. It was great! One of my friends (Courtney) is in AP Calculus today so we quickly went through the teacher's videos on derivitives. Quite easy. :)
Tomorrow should be a little like today. Please keep praying that we keep up with our work and enjoy our time here and with each other. Even though it is so beautiful here, I do miss America and my friends and family.  However this experience is so amazing and I'm sure I'll continue to learn a lot.

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