Friday, October 1, 2010

England 6,7,8 9/29-10/1

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. We've been busy and are continuing to have internet problems.
Recap of the past few days.
A few of us went to a missions outreage on Wednesday evening.  It is a ministry for unchurched teens and it was so fun. Basically, we just played with kids for 2 hours. It was great. Also on Wednesday before all that, we went to Kendal to shop. :) I got a new dress which I am quite excited about. We did another missions outreach that day where we helped with RBC ministry which is a Christian radio program.  We stuffed about 1700 envelopes for them. I believe we also did school work Wednesday. That was quite a busy, but good day.
Yesterday we went to 3 classes at the Bible Institute we've been attending. When we got back we did school work. Are you noticing a theme? Oh and let me just say that me and my AP Calculus buddy are 14 pages ahead of the class back at home. :) We are on top of things. However there are some classses I have done close to nothing on because my teachers haven't posted anything. :/ Missing a whole week of AP classes is not good. We'll work it out though. This trip is going very well so far though.  Tomorrow we're going to Edenborough, Scotland. I am so excited. I know my mother is jealous.
Well, guess what I must go do now.
Think...think... you have three guessses the first two don't count.
that's correct! School work! Great guess.
Now it is almost midnight my time. We went to an outreach today that not many people except the volunteers came to which was kind of disappointing.  But I have a nice conversation with 3 of my friends and this british guy about politics. We talked about the President, healthcare, guns, knives, prisons, terrorism, capital punishment and so much more. We solved all the worlds problems.
Anyway, time for sleep! Good night world! Scotland tomorrow!

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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! That was some conversation!

Hope you're getting lots of good pictures.

Are yo able to do any sight seeing? or just all school stuff?