Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graduation '08

What a bittersweet time. I am excited for the seniors, just as many of them are about starting the rest of their lives. They can go to college, get married and get jobs, have kids, etc. But it's also a sad time because I'm to miss the PCA class of '08 so much. They have made such an extrordinary impact on my life. Two of them in particular I cannot thank enough for how they've impacted me. Graduation today was fun. They were so excited. And although I did shed some tears, I am also so happy for them. As I watched them graduate I was reminded that the rising senior class will also be graduating the next year and I'm fairly close to some of them as well. And then just in 2 years a whole lot of my friends will graduate, including my best friend. And as I watch those people come and go, then it will be my turn. Funny, the things I try to hide from catch up with me faster than the things I look forward to. But is that not the case with most things?
I love you class of '08!!

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