Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, my mom, dad and I finished off the chocolatey goodness and icecream. It was very good. :) Right now we, me and my mom, mainly her, are watching Iron Chef America. I remember the first time I saw that. I was at my friends house in... 5th grade? and it was on. They were serving duck. I didn't watch that show for years after that. haha, it grossed me out.
Ugh! I keep trying to kill this gnat and i won't die!! No worries, it's dead now. :) Speaking of dead...
For our summer reading we have 7 short stories and another book. Well, miraculously, I have already started on the short stories. The first one was about Satanism and the second, killing someone. I was like, "Oh, this isn't depressing at all." *insert sarcasm here* Well, the first one was by Nathaniel Hawthorne and the second by Edgar Allen Poe. Makes more sense now, huh? Well, when I finished the 2nd one my brother came in saying, "Leah, I cut myself."
Me: With what?
Andrew: Scissors.
Me: Nice.
*he's gripping his finger*
Andrew: can you help me get this open (has bandaids in it)
Me: Yea.
So, I open it and he lets go of his finger and there is blood EVERYWHERE. All over his hurt and and the other one. It was EVERYWHERE.
Me: Ew, go wash that off.
*I remain calm outside AND in*
Well, now there is blood all over my dad's sink and later, we realized, a tiny drop on the floor. (Don't worry, we got it up. :)) So, we're about to put the bandaid on, but this cut no larger in a millimeter in length is bleeding EVERYWHERE. It was insane. So, we tried to put and bandaid with neosporin, but he bled through that too. So, we put a gauze pad on it until it stopped perfusely bleeding. Then we were FINALLY able to put a bandaid on. After that, we cleaned up my dad's sink, the blood on the floor, etc. and it looked as if we'd never been there!! (Right mommy?) I told him he should be happy I had just finished reading about Satanism and killing, this seemed like NOTHING! haha.
So, I think that's enough gross stories for the day. What do you think?


Sarah said...

Thanks for not writing about the fact that he tried to wake me up to help him but I was so deeply asleep I don't remember telling him to not talk to me.

Also thanks for being a great big sister and daughter.

Leah said...

I almost did write about that, but I thought better of it. :)
And uuurrr welcome. 8) *on aim that's the smilie with the sunglasses on*

skoots1mom said...

good visual description, kiddo.
am enjoing your blog with my
do u like my coffee cup?

Leah said...

haha. thank you. my friend told me it was nasty. lol. and yes, i love your coffee cup. :)

Mezzo Forte said...

Yep, Hawthorne is basically a nut job! I took a WHOLE class about his writing when I was in college as one of my electives...WEIRDO but certainly made one think.