Friday, May 23, 2008


Until next semester...
But for now I can rejoice in knowing that I don't have to take another exam until DECEMBER!! and then May! and then 2 more times after that for each... That's not a long time. hm.
Anywho, I AM excited about exams being over (obviously), but I actually like school. (Is that weird? Good.) What am I gunna do between here and choir tour except get surgical hooks? (Don't ask, I don't really know what they are either.) Update blog, sulk about having to have surgery, practice instruments, watch movies, facebook, write, read, facebook, update blog, sulk, write, facebook. Hmmm.. I'm noticing a pattern. Maybe I won't be as bored as I thought. That's good.
Oh, surprising thing: the SPANISH exam was harder than the ENGLISH exam. That may seem right to you because I supposedly speak English (my family may disagree), but Spanish is soooo much easier. Normally I get straight A's in that class. I'm (hopefully) barely pulling out an A in English. But I guess it was a good thing that the English exam was easy. Seeing as I have an 87 (and I get 2 extra points for honors, so really 89) in English, I NEED that one to be easy to get an A! But in Spanish I have a 96, so I think I'm okay in that class. haha. Well, I want chocolatey goodness.

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