Monday, May 19, 2008

Simple Things

Sometimes I find myself getting completely consumed with the complex things of our world: fashion, style, movies and more. Those things can be fun and exciting in appropriate amounts, but the best things are the simple things. In this insane world we live in, it is good to know that I can trust in God even in tough times. When I feel the world and it's changing complexities is going to eat me alive, I know I can always go back to God and the simple unchanging things in my life. When all else fails, God is there and so are his simple gifts: friends, family, flowers, and the beautiful things of this world that He created. I am not one to like or accept change easily, but getting back to the simple things helps the changes go by smoother even in the roughest of times.


skoots1mom said...

awesome job! welcome to the blog world...ur gonna love it! ;)

Mezzo Forte said...

well said - and quite mature I might add.

Robin Lambright said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. We all look forward to your youthfull perspective and insights. I wish I had had one when I was your age. They didn't have blogs back in the dark ages.