Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 weeks 5 days

Yay!! Yesterday I went to the oral surgeon and he told me that I was healed "enough" to resume normal activities and a normal diet. Wahoo! Although, that whole "normal" thing might be a little hard. Last time I checked I'm far from normal. Have you seen my hair lately? haha. Well, that's the good news! 6 weeks is saturday, so that is really when I'm healed, but the sooner the better, right?

Also, if you or someone you know is going to be having this surgery or anything like it feel absolutely free to email me or call me. I would love to talk with you/them. I've also had a tongue surgery where they clipped some from the underneath it because I was... tonguetied? Is that the word? I can't remember, but I had that surgery in 5th grade and there are more to come. I'm going to have to have a bone graft and some implants. So I'm almost done! (That may seem like a lot to you, but to me it seems like almost done. haha)


Libby said...

haha yay for leah. youre a pro at surgeries. ive had a nose surgery! and will have to get an implant too :[ i hope we can do it together! haha that would be fun. well yay im glad youre healed. see you tomorrow mi amiga :]

*NO WAY NO WAY!! this thing that i have to type in down here every time is leaah!!! hahaha*

Sarah said...

"Far from normal"... you said it, I didn't :)

skoots1mom said...

you are beautifully and wonderfully made...even if you do have pink hair! so glad your healing has been quicker than expected. i enjoyed your solo on oboe at camp meeting...very nice tone, girl!