Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 15

Okay, so I know that everyone knows that my surgery went extremely well, but I want you to understand how well it went. First I will tell you about my recovery and then other people's.

My recovery time:
1) Surgery
-cutting and securing
-putting 4 rubber bands in
-drainage tubes (for getting blood out)

2) 23 hour hospital stay post-surgery
-face humidifier (extremely annoying)
-getting drains and IV out
-pain meds
-bad pain, but not unbearable
-can drink although drooling some
3) Home
-pain, meds
-going to church after getting out of hospital
-great decrease in swelling with a few days
-very little numbness
-talking, drinking without drooling
-a little bruising
-decrease in numbness
-able to eat mostly normal food by Day 4
-can get out and do alright

Others (same surgery)
1) Surgery
-cutting and securing
-putting 4 (minimum) rubber bands in
-drainage tubes
2) Post-surgery in hospital
-face humidifier
-pain meds
-getting drains and IV out
3) Home
-pain, meds (some did not need them at all)
-lots of swelling
-bottom lip numb (if jaw was extended)
-some talking
-liquid diet for awhile
-don't feel like getting out for (generally) 2 weeks post-surgery
Now, obviously, I can't speak for everyone, but this is what I have noticed. Some people also got ulsers, which I don't think I have. Hopefully this can show you how awesome my recovery has gone. Thank God!!

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skoots1mom said...

it freaked me out to hear how quickly u were up and around.
hope you're still doing good...u look gr8!!
love ya,