Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 10 & 11

Yes, today is day 11, but we took pics yesterday so I'm going to post those and write this as though it were yesterday. So, today is the last day of June. :)

Today was cleaning day. First we conquored moving the guinea pigs into the basement. Miah (bro's GP) has this wet spot on her butt that may a sign of a disease or something. We're not quite sure. My mom is doing a whole bunch of research. Our vet doesn't treat small animals so we're going to have to find another vet. Joy. lol.

After that we moved my desk into where the guinea pigs were after thoroughly vacuuming the room. It looks sooooo good now. I wish we had done that originally. Well that was pretty much our day. OH!

When my brother and my dad went to Scouts me and my mom started puting together a table and some chairs for in the basement. That was fun. ish. lol. But my dad was please so that is always good. Plus I got to climb on top of the large freezer. :)

I only had to take 600 mg of Ibuprofen today!! Yay! I did NOT take a Lortab because I've taken at least 1/2 of one every night since the hospital. And last night I could not go to sleep until I took it. So I'm going to take a break from that for awhile. I don't need it for pain, anyway. The pain has gone down a lot. :) Well here are the pics!!

I look really weird in this picture

yay! no more bruise!

Day 11

We just got back from Bruster's. Yum. Thank you to the person who gave me the gift card! :D I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It was very yummiful. :P

It turns out that our vet does treat guinea pigs. So that is very good. My brother is going to give Miah a bath. Hopefully that will help.

My mouth does hurt some now that I just ate, but overall today is going great. :) I haven't taken any pain medication today. Wahoo! Well, I have to clean my room now. There is a whole bunch of stuff that was on my desk that I have to find a new home for. eh. I have cleaning. I hate organizing more. :/ oh well, time to continue.


Libby said...

o boy o boy o boy o boy o boy o boy o boy o boy!!!!
haha i am quite happy. can you tell?
well yes. hooray. but thats kinda not good. a thing on her butt. hmm sounds lovely. hopefully it will be ok. have fun cleaning! :]

Fran said...

Hey girl
Your not looking bad at all. Love the hair( of course that is from a mom who has a son with a mohawk and checkerboard - which he will have in full form for the Peachtree Road Race). I am so glad you are doing well and will be able to make your 4th celebration. Keep up the positive attitude.
Love ya
Mrs. Mattix